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3D Foosball (Futbolín 3D) - Fun and unique

Who has not spent a good afternoon (or evenings) playing with friends at the table football?

To us we love to play from time to time, we missed a QUALITY foosball game for both mobile devices as for computers. There's any quality foosball game. So, from Breynart Studios we have decided to remedy this and we have created the best foosball game that exists.

Keep in mind that the game is currently under development, which means that little by little they are adding functions, content and making improvements (and you will have strange things playing, sure, hehehe). If you want to try it, click on one of the buttons you will find below.

If you play the PC version or browsers you can play using the keyboard or gamepads connected by USB / Bluetooth. With L1, L2, R1 or R2 you will shoot the ball. Pressing the A button will cause the ball to be repositioned in the center of the field (Because sometimes he seeks freedom and he will discover worlds outside the table football, hehehe).

If you play the Android mobile version you will play with the controls on the touch screen. You will pass/shoot by moving the virtual control a bit to the right (forward) or to the left (backward). And if the Ball decides to take a vacation outside the table football, shake your mobile and will return to center.


GameFlow - Developing, ¡without writing code!

Do you have an idea about making a game, but have no clue about how to do it?

From Breynart Studios we're going to show you the path :)

Since some years ago, a lot of people uses Unity to develop their videogames. Unity is a professional development suite, available to everyone, for free! Altohug Unity makes the path easier (because makes use of an "easy-to-learn programming language", as C# (readed as Ce Sharp), the fact of have to lear a full new language made impossible (and tedious) for most people to create their own games.

And that has been the case, until GameFlow has made an appearance.

GameFlow is a plugin (an add-on) for Unity, which allows you to create video games, without writing a single line of code. This is known as Visual Scripting, or Visual Programming. In fact, it's nothing new. There are already other systems that try to bring the "non-programming" experience to everyone. The new thing that GameFlow brings to us is the way it does it. An ultra-easy and logic way of approaching the Visual Scripting is what makes this tool AN INDISPENSABLE, for all those who want to create a video game, without having a clue.

So you already know! Do you want to create your own video game? Download Unity, get the GameFlow plugin for a measly $ 20 and you will see how you are able to achieve amazing things :)